Roger D’Astous
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Roger D’Astous
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Roger D'Astous


Roger D’Astous is one of the most important Canadian Architect of the twentieth century. A student of Frank Lloyd Wright, he worked all his life to create a nordic architecture. Once a starchitect of the sixties, this flamboyant artist then fell from grace before rising again at the dawn of the century. Along with his pavilions at Expo 67 and the Athletes Housing Complex for the 1976 Olympic Games, his residences are sensual vessels and his churches sumptuous spaceships. For the first time on-screen, this film embarks on a journey throughout the exceptional projects of Roger D’Astous. An epic journey with a modern architecture giant, and a frenetic praise for dreaming a better built environment in our post-global era.

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Winning award
Winning award
Winning award
  • With
    Roger D'Astous/ Luc Durand/ Serge Savard/ Francine Grimaldi/ Michel Catrice/ Henri Brillon/ Guy R. Legault/ Yves Deschamps/ France Vanlaethem/
  • Director
    Etienne Desrosiers/
  • Production
    Production 7e vague (p7v) - Etienne Desrosiers/
  • Image
    Stefan Ivanov/
  • Animation
    Mélanie Bouchard/
  • Music
    La Maitrîse des petites Chanteurs de Québec/ Forst Village Brass Band/ Jean-Sébastien Bach/ Richard Wagner/
  • Image mounting
    Etienne Desrosiers/
  • Audio mounting
    Daniel Toussaint/
  • Mixing
    Luc Léger/
  • NFB (ACIC) Producer
    Johanne Bergeron/
  • NFB (ACIC) Coordination
    Marie-Christine Guité/